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Hand Painted Kitchens

Hi Im looking for the perfect primers for hand painted kitchens,i have used the shellac based zinsser previously and it adheres really well the only downside is it dries really fast and is inclined to leave brush marks on the finish has anyone got any tips on using this product,cheers Ray

I find Zinsser BIN works best the colder it is! don’t know why, but it flows outreally well in an unheated house in the winter!
I always wipe the surface down with meths immediately before applying BIN to help flow, dip the brush occasionally in some meths to keep brush wet, and work fast - two or three long passes maximum.

Zinsser Cover Stain (its oil based) is the best ‘self levelling’ primer/undercoat(two hour recoat time) and I use it 90% of priming work, using BIN to knot new wood or old resinous.

Cover Stain needs maximum ventilation though! once applied leave the room for half an hour!
There is an ‘odourless’ Cover Stain (Green Tin) but i don’d find the opacity to be a sgood as the Yellow/Orange tin

dave D9 decor Bristol

Ok thanks for your help on that Dave

Hi Ray,

I would always flat back ZinBIN with 240 - 320 abranet before applying the next coat of whatever your using, same applies with Coverstain.

If your looking for a quality self leveling primer for previously painted surfaces then try this:

Superb for hand painted work!



Ok thanks for that Russ i have not used either the abranet or otex primer but i will try to source some and give it a go ,