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Hand Painted Pine Kitchen, Linton, West Yorkshire

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The finished kitchen For this hand painted pine kitchen, I again travelled to the lovely village of Linton in Yorkshire. It had been made and installed by local kitchen company ‘Jeremy Wood‘ nearly 20 years ago. It had originally been finished using a dark stain/varnish and the clients were now looking to update it and make the room feel much lighter and brighter.


A very extensive post again showing the lengths you go to, to restore a 20 year old pine kitchen. A couple of things jump out, choice of filler and caulk. I understand you have used them for a few years now, where do they fit in the hierarchy of Toupret, Beissier and the like?

Personally I think they are great for kitchens and furniture. I have used Tourpret expert a lot on walls and it’s great but does create a large amount of very fine dust. Beissier wise - the Prestonett is a great filler but is a little ‘gritty’ for my tastes compared to the Fat Hog products.

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