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Handi-Pad foam sanding block for trade and DIY

If you have any feedback or questions or suggestions about the Handi-Pads, please leave it here.

Traditional Painters, Wayne and Russ are big fans of the multi-format foam hand sanders that also work brilliantly with Abranet. This is a review of Handi-Pads.

A foam sanding block isn’t exactly a new concept, but the hook and loop system and the ability to produce a wide range of formats for different circumstances makes Handi-Pads worth a good look.

I recommend the Handi-Pad, it’s inexpensive but definitely worth the money.

I bought one about a month and a half ago, used it quite hard for a day on door mouldings, and was very happy with performance, but at the end of the day the foam had begun to crack in places. I thought ‘great tool, rubbish longevity’. I was wrong, as it has kept on performing brilliantly, despite the cracks, and I use it every day.

The reasons I like it are:

  1. The hook and loop system means it takes Abranet - the only abrasive I use for sanding.
  2. The sharp corners it has means that I can get into corners of mouldings easily.
  3. The flexibility of the foam means that it can bend somewhat, meaning that curved mouldings can be sanded more easily and quickly.
  4. It is very comfortable to use - I find I can do a lot more sanding before the muscles in my hand ache, compared to sanding with a conventional block, or folded abrasive.

I’d happily buy another one, it works.

Are Handi-Pads still in business does anyone know?

Website is down and they are unavailable on Amazon/eBay as far as I can tell.

The ebay seller is complexia 2101,the name is Jason by the way.

Hi Jason

Thanks for the info. I’ve tried doing a search on eBay for the user i.d. complexia 2101 but it can’t be found? Do you have an item number?


Try this Tel 0844 3915520,orEmail,hope that helps,cheers

Thanks for that Jason