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Harborough handyman

I’m a Handyman based in Leics, have been for 5 1/2 years. Painting and decorating takes up 40-50% of my work. Although i am a jack-of-all-trades i am by no means a poor substitute, i take pride in everything i do - making sure I am using the right materials and the right kit.

Have a mixture of brushes - a couple of picasso’s, wooster alpha, purdy glide and the ubiquitous monarch elites. I’m a fan of Little Greene paints and have been trying various wb trim paints - Mythic, Johnstones and Bedec. Have used Abranet for many years, and hope to invest in a Deros kit next year.

BTW my name is Stuart and I trade under the name Harborough Handyman - guess where i’m based?

Hi Stuart

thanks for the intro, your attitude to painting and decorating is clearly a bit beyond the normal handyman fare :slight_smile: The photo of the mural above came out just fine. How much decorating do you do as part of your overall work?

I’d say just under half, most of it on the David Wilson type homes although a few more interesting older ones. Typically walls, ceiling and trim. In the past have used Crown Solo for much of the trim, always with good feedback but concerned about yellowing and drying times.

Have spent a load this year on Repaircare, have renovated 5 bay windows and a shop front - it’s a job that is 1/3 Carpentry, 1/3 Chemistry and 1/3 carvery!!!