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Hello all Scot DIY kitchen painter

hello all
and thank you for accepting me on here.i am just a diyer who likes to take pride and time over my projects, I do a bit of property maintaining which has involved a lot of was only when I decided to repaint my own kitchen that I have started to look around for more info on getting a better finish that I ended up here.i have since spent most of my free time reading all the info available on have a few questions which I shall try and place in the right areas so I am sure you will see plenty more of me
kind regards
Scott wells

Hi Scott, very pleased to welcome a keen DIY to the forum. We are here if you have any questions, will try and point you in the right direction. What do you struggle with the most would you say, with decorating?

thank you Andy for the warm welcome, the thing I struggle with most I think is prep work, not sure on which sandpaper/wet dry paper to use between coats, best filler for mdf doors, how to stop the rough bits of mdf where there’s a profile or edge,whats the best tack cloth things like that …a long list hahaha

Gotcha! Yes, best to post a question for each of those :slight_smile: