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Hello and a big thank you from Liz

Hi there. I’m Liz from Surrey, another keen DIYer.

I found this site a couple of years ago when I was looking for someone to put the final coat of paint on the new kitchen we had installed, (the people we bought the units from hadn’t mentioned that this would be necessary until we spotted that the drawers were slightly different colours!). But along came Mark Nash and worked his magic. While he was with us he also introduced us to a whole new way of thinking about painting: rollering on and laying off, spritzing with water, the joys of Tikkurila paint and abranet, etc, etc. I’ve been addicted to this site ever since. So a BIG THANK YOU to everyone for all the useful info and tips I’ve already received.

The latest project is the installation of 20 fire doors and about three miles of skirting, architrave etc - all of which need painting and that’s definitely my job. So I’ll be looking for tips on painting engineered oak laminate Fire Doors!


Welcome Liz, it is great to hear from DIY like yourself who have adopted some of the most advanced decorating kit on the market. It would be interesting to hear what you think of say abranet v what you used to rely on, etc.

To help you find more solutions, the search button will reveal a lot of info. That thread I mentioned to you, where there were big questions over the wisdom of using oil based product on oak veneer. It is here

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