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Hello and bows - Ciaran pro decorator

Hello to everyone, and deep bows to thse who share their knowledge so freely.
I really like the ethos of traditional painter and am very impressed with the range of knowledge that you guys possess.

I am 47 years young and came into the trade from school joining my Dad, my grandfather and all his boys; 5 in number, were painters.
I have to say i had one of those moments when i started reading some posts and blog; i thought i was pretty clued up about decorating…i have to say humbly that i know nothing… which is a starting place for learning i guess.
I am working on some fitted furniture ant the moment struggling to get a good finish with f&B eggshell in this heat. Reading some posts yesterday revealed my mistake

The wardrobes i am painting are Tulip and mdf, i primed with Zinsser 123 plus, because the wood looked like it might bleed. I couldnet get a nice finish even with using floetrol so after reading the advice on using stain cover i went backwards and coated it with that today; i am a convert, it fills up the grain nicely and sits down lovely nice surface to start eggshell on monday.
So thankyou to those of you who share your knowlege it is very helpfull and i have many questions so look forward to getting to know you all.

Kind regards

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Thanks for calling in and sharing your knowledge, you got the idea :slight_smile: And you don;t get much more old school than your background!

Zinsser Coverstain is reliable, although you will see reports from decs who don’t like it because they say it is hard to work with. That is a criticism I don’t subscribe too. Add Owatrol and work logically and with a fire under your butt, it delivers lovely results for a basecoat, as you have found. Oil basecoat is the quickest way to a good finish on waterbased topcoats on tulipwood. Ever learning though, in the excessive heat, it wont hurt to question the waterbased topcoat approach.

Thanks Andy, when you say question the water based top coat approach, what are my options using F&B All white?

Which also ties in nicely to my next question;

I am discussing options with the cabinet maker who installed the furniture i am currently painting;
I painted some furniture that he fitted in the same home, got a beautiful finish with little green using the little green undercoat primer over tulip and mdf, Finished with 2 coats LG Intelgent eggshell.

I have another job to go to for him in August the furniture will be spray primed in coverstain and a first coat of the finish paint also spayed in the workshop. It will be fitted and filled and nibbed, i will apply the final two coats on site.

The colour is in Farrow and Ball, he can use any paint i request and in the past has used Mylon? who apparently match a solvent based eggshell to f&b

So the questions i have;
a) is anyone familiar with Mylon?
b) Best brush recommendations for f&b water based eggshell?
c) Is there a good solvent based eggshell suggestion matched in f&b?
D) Any general advice on how to proceed?

i have used a lot of the f&b eggshell last year always with the f&b undercoat and was happy with the way it finished and flowed but then i changed my spectacles prescription and have noticed what i could not see before!! I want to provide a perfect finish and wish to sit at the feet of the masters who can teach me how.

kind regards

Hi Ciaran,

In answer to your questions:
a) I think you may be referring to Mylands Paints!

Our very own Martin Guest would be the best guy to ask on this as he uses Mylands extensively on his James Mayor Furniture.

b)The last kitchen I painted using F&B Estate Eggshell, I used the ‘Corona Kingston’s & Comet brushes’ which gave me an excellent finish! However, the ‘Picasso’s. Rembrandt’s & Purdy Monarch Elite’ from My Paint Brush, will all work equally well:

c) Try Empire Eggshell by Tikkurila from here:

d) The best advice any TP guy n Gal will give you for painting furniture in WB paint is this product:

Good Luck

Kind regards


Hi Russ
Thank you for taking the time to post answers for me.
Can you tell me what these two are like to use Empire eggshell and feelings?
and how well they match Farrow and ball colours?

I bought a beauty “Corona Cody”, tips like feather and great shape, a two and half inch,good holding capacity, could become my favourite brush quickly :slight_smile: it leaves a sweet finish with the farrow and ball esate eggshell.


Holmans colour matching is exceptional and very accurate, ask any TP guy!

The Empire has the same characteristics of pre 2010 oil based eggshells, I find it a superb product to use; dries overnight to a rock hard finish and is very durable. A splash of Owatrol in weather like we have been having or a small splash of spirit and it flows out with a Purdy Monarch beautifully.

The Feelings is a different ball game, but once you get the hang of it, you will be hard pressed to find another WB paint for furniture with these qualities! I use over Otex Adhesion primer or Feelings undercoat and can almost achieve a brush free finish with a splash of council pop as Martin Dunn calls it, you will be a complete convert.
I use Axus Lime or Wooster black mini roller sleeves and tip off with a Corona Kingston or Purdy Monarch, you can also achieve great results with Wooster Alpha, Chinex FTP and Picasso.



Thank you Russ thats very helpful.

If you were to choose then, which of the two would you go for?

The furniture is going to house Tv with shelves for books i guess and dvds etc, with cupboards below.

Although i am still developing my skills with water based products and with some have achieved good finish; notably Little green and fired earth eggshells.
I am really struggling to get cover with whites; F&B and Dulux satin and even after 3 topcoats can still shadow a bit.

Going back to oils seems to give better finish and cover.

Its great t have your brain to pick
thank you


Hey Ciaran,

With the pre-spec you have there you could go either route! If your not so confident on WB finishing then obviously stick with the oil (Empire) would work absolutely fine but that new Knight your breaking in sounds to me like it wants a drop of Feelings to work with.

If yo opt for the feelings use the u/coat tinted to match, you wont have any problem with shadowing, I promise: 1 x U/coat and 2 x top. Perfick on that!

Nice one Russ
I have given the request for feelings after watching Mr Nash’s video instruction; ive ordered a water spray and the lime roller lseeves and LangNikel for tipping off.
Cant wait to get to it!
Big thanks

Hey Ciaran,

How did you get on?


Hi Russ

the job i want to try the feelings paint on is my first job back after two weeks holiday in Cornwall leaving tomorrow.
So i will let you know how i get on when i get back.
I have been painting two lots of furniture last week, fitted bespoke joinery, wardrobes, in F&B in the heat found floetrol for the first time, i like it. I found Corona Cody the perfect brush for a free flowing Estate eggshell, a lovely finish.
Then in the same home i had two sets of fitted wardrobes which were melamine or some kind of plastic mock wood ( i dont know what you would call it any help?) I tried the zinsser 123+ as a test which says it sticks to melamine, after 7 days it was failing the fingernail test and coming off with ease. So i tried the cover stain, it stuck briliantly, in one day cured. The finish was in Satura BL, I tried a number of brushes, Corona Cody too soft to push around on big panels,Corona Silk not bad but the corona Knight was perfect, for getting it on there and finishing off. The first coat taught me how far i could push the Satura; taking in the inlaid suround of the panels and cross member and stiles in one hit before filling in the flat of the panel.
I found i got a bit of overlapp so on subsequent coats painted the inlaid part of the panels wiped off any over lap with a sponge and then took in cross members and stiles together before filling in the panels. I found this a little slower but got a sweet finish, other than on the large flush side section which gave me big challenges about 4 ft wide 7ft.

in the Bedroom below i worked on playing with the lime roller and tipping off with the langnickel, on F&B eggshell but in the end compared finishes with the Cody and couldnt spot the difference.

All in all lots of experimenting and finding ways to perfect the finish, i am a sponge for learning and really enjoying this phase of my ongoing education.

Thanks for the help

Thanks for sharing your findings Ciaran, brilliant info. It doesnt take skilled decs long to make massive strides with new kit, once you know the options and have an open mind.

Your feedback adds to the conclusion that the Cody is a particularly super brush.

Enjoy your holidays mate :slight_smile: