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Hello from a Railway Cottage Renovator - First proper project

Hi All,
Just a quick hello from Ireland, I’ve gained loads and loads of useful advice from the forum, so thanks to everyone for that! For examlpe, I’m the proud owner of some snazzy brushes including Picasso Bull and Wooster Alpha, and my local paint shop has taken quite a lot of my dollars in Little Greene Paint!
I’m on the tail end of quite a lot of painting throughout the cottage, inside and out, and of course this led to having to learn quite a lot of other diy skills along the way, from the basics of caulking and filling and puttying, to the patch repairing of concrete floors.

It all started with - I’ll just paint the kitchen, as it is the grottiest room and then the project took flight… But I’m right back to the first room now, as the lovely paint job on the walls and the new floor is being let down by tired kitchen cabinets that I plan to paint, so I’ve a few questions about that which I’ll ask elsewhere. Mainly trying to make a final decision on which paint to use that’ll yield me as a novice the best possible result - I’ve a few options in mind.

As a bit of a practise for the main event in kitchen, I have just finished some laminate wood fitted wardrobes in a bedroom - undercoated with Bin, and used LG Tom’s Egshell 2 coats on top - first coat rollered and top coat painted ( including a pic fyi).

I’ve really enjoyed all the transformations, have a vague notion of moving on to other projects - we’ll see.

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Welcome, always happy to hear from homeowners willing to try and do a professional level job.

If you have done your research here, and have used products and approaches correctly, and you are detail oriented, you should be able to achieve a finish to be proud of and work with some level of peace of mind on the right track!

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