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Hello from decorator Chris in Laois, Rep of Ireland

Recently found this website after searching for painting kitchens.
My name is Chris,I’m living in Laois ,Rep of Ireland but am originally from Telford England. I have been painting now for 13 years and did 2 years of a 3 year apprenticeship when i left school in 2000. I never got to finish my apprenticeship due to reasons i won’t bore you with but am now at a cross roads in my career and am unsure what to do for the best.
I’d like to pick up some tips on painting kitchens as i get asked a lot if i do them but turn them away due to not having the knowledge and confidence to take them on.
I look forward to reading through the forum.

Hi Chris,

A very positive and honest introduction there, I hope you find our website useful?
Please fire away any questions you have and we will do our very best to answer them!


Hello mate,
It’s sad really, for whatever reason you never got to finish your apprenticeship, but fear not, you have been equipped with the basic tool kit to further your journey, nobody was born knowing everything. As far as confidence is concerned , forget that, just do it, you know more than you think!
Welcome aboard.