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Hello from decorator Chris


Bit of background on me. I have been lurking around the forums and blogs for quite a while now but i thought i would sign up and thank everyone / bother you with more questions.

I have been renovating houses for quite a few years with the intention of selling and / or renting them. My capital dried up and had some good comments on my painting work in the previous houses. That has lead to me starting up my own decorating company. So while i was renovating the houses I used your website as a wealth of knowledge and tips and it has improved my finish quite a bit over the years but now after starting the business I thought I’d sign up and bore you all with my questions and maybe help a few other people out in the mean time.

Hope this is adequate. A big thanks to those who contribute their time and effort into the site, as i have said it has improved my finish so much and is just a wealth of knowledge. I even happened to bump into another user on the forums when i was researching dustless sanders in a decorating shop in Farnham (considering i live in Ipswich that i thought was quite a coincidence). I ended up going for a Mirka Deros rather than a Festool as for the moment I need to sand flat surfaces more. As soon as I get some more jobs with finer detail i think i will go for the Festool for the spade head to get in the corners. Been very pleased with the Deros so far although i haven’t got much else to compare with.

Many Thanks

Chris Ince

Hi Chris, thanks for saying hi,

I hope you dont spend the rest of your capital on kit! it is a small world, when you get into dustless sanding, still not mainstream sadly.

Ask away on any on-gong projects.

On a general note, we tend to give a proven solution and don;t really mention the pennies involved. Reason being, labour costs are huge compared to materials. With Festools, you cant find much wrong, but with sanders, though, take a look at the small flex palm sander, (do a quick search will show some expreiences) seems to be a neat entry level tool into the trim sander world. That and the perennial Abranet Starter Kit, which is manual but for denibbing flat areas between coats, still takes some beating.

Hello again Andy.

Just ordered a Flex sander to try. For 30 quid you cant go wrong really, I had seen you recommended just had forgotten about it.

I already had brought the Mirka starter kit to try the whole dustless sanding and after an hour of use i was sold. Then brought the deco sander to get ceilings and hard to reach area’s. After some discussion with Ciaran from Zen painting and decorating (The guy i bumped into in Farnham after reading his posts on here) comparing the Festool with the Mirka I decided to go for the Mirka rather than the Festool as i thought it better suited my needs. I didn’t buy the Mirka hoover though. It seemed after some reading it was just pretty much a re-branded Nilfisk hoover. I did some research and brought a fairly cheap one from machine mart (Nilfisk 30T) which seems to be doing the job but again with nothing to compare with I don’t really know.

Which size Abranet do I need to buy with the Flex sander? Have you got any recommended supplier?

Russ is the Flex man, knows a lot about their kit, their speciality is much bigger machines, so a good pedigree in tough motors. There is no particular supplier stands out.

The 115mm wide rolls of Abranet trimmed to size.

Vacuums are a never ending story, but the rectangular format of Festool is a winner for practicalities. Surprised it isnt more common a shape.