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Hello from DIY enthusiast on this thundery weekend

Hi everyone on this thundery bad drying weekend.

I’m retired and a DIYer with a long-term interest in wood and furniture restoration and a patient husband, and have only recently found a bit of extra time and cash to indulge myself properly.

Current project is a bureau covered in dark treacly fake antique finish and crap handles. Have cleaned and lightly sanded it, then 2 coats Zinsser’s 123, and am finishing this weekend with 2 (hopefully not 3) coats of Little Greene Intelligent Eggshell in ‘Flint’. Was originally tempted by Farrow & Ball Estate Eggshell but then I read this website and forum and can’t thank you enough for the info and advice here.

And no I won’t be fashionably shabby chic-ing it, which can look wonderful but our family house has been decidedly shabby chic for bloody decades from necessity. Why would I go to all the bother of finishing something nicely and then scratching and scraping bits off again?

Next project is restoring an inherited 1935 oak dining table and chairs. Beautiful shapes and very well-made but filthy with ingrained dirt. Also some idiot stained the table top deep mahogany years back. After I’ve found out who it was and strangled them, I’ll deffo be asking for project advice here.

Thank you so much for welcoming amateurs like me.

Hi and welcome. Glad to see someone else doesn’t like shabby. I really don’t get it myself either.

I prefer enthusiast to amateur :slight_smile: As long as you are interested, you are welcome to ask and share.