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Hello from DIY Tom

My name is Tom and I enjoy painting and decorating on a diy level.

I recently agreed to help my nephew decorate his new house and discovered this site while looking for information on stripping wallpaper the correct way. Having a natural aversion to steam strippers, what a godsend this site turned out to be. We have now begun the task of stripping out the entire house following the instructions to the letter. This has enabled us to make good progress with the minimum of fuss. The only down side is that we are now revealing the horrors that lay beneath the paper.

As we progress I would certainly appreciate any advice that enables us to reach as high a standard as possible.

hi Tom, rather you than me :slight_smile: Or is that a photo of an impressionist painting?

A really good article to read through is from Simon Verrall who entered our blogging competition last year. Strip wallpaper, prepare and paint a bedroom It was the worst sort of surface for him to sort out and he covered lot of ground, much of which will come in handy for you.

Any doubts please ask

Hi Andy,

At the moment we are just concentrating on getting the top layers of paper off (up to 4 layers). All damage you see is how we found it as the paper came off with the minimum of scraping after a good soak. This wall is actually one of the better ones. I will post pics in the appropriate sections as we work our way through it.