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Hello from Nick, amateur with a big project on

Hi, I’ve been interested in painting since my early teens when I found that black gloss would cover in 1 coat on my pale blue wardrobe with careful brushing. I painted a few houses in the 70’s for friends and family, varnished the wood trim in 1 or 2 grp boats, and did a Triumph Spitfire with Woolworth’s Cover Plus “wet look” gloss.(It got some compliments, too!) Later I painted my own house in Dorset, always trying for that perfect gloss. Experience with anything other than gloss was pretty much limited to trying to make someone’s “cupboard makeover paint” lie flat with my old Hamilton Perfections.
About 4 years ago I discovered this site and bought a Monarch Elite, but shortly afterwards my life was turned upside down when we sold up and bought a half share in a large& semi derelict house by the sea on the Isle of Islay (West Scotland).
So for the last 2 years I’ve been winding down to retirement (Hah!) by learning various skills such as slating, etc. Now the new windows are due for another coat - 24 of them, tilt and swing replacement sash. I’m using Jotun Demidekk because they came from the joiner ready coated with it, and I like the sound of 12 year maintenance cycles.In addition there are 3 (so far) new timber exterior doors and about an acre of brand new interior trim and doors. Oh, and a kitchen.
I’ve been wandering about the forum open-mouthed for weeks, discovering how little I know. I’ve a dozen questions, but I’ll try to put them in the correct places. Sorry to be so long-winded! Cheers, Nick


Hey Nick, great to hear from you - you certainly sound like to have your hands full (every day’s a school day, hey!? ha!) Don’t be afraid to ask any questions - contact me direct if you prefer… only too happy to help!


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Hi Nick, you have been round the block and back again, very interesting intro! Woolworths and Triumph, they were great institutions when they stuck to what they did best. I don’t recall paint being Woolie’s strong point :slight_smile: Look forward to your questions.

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Thanks, Martin, that’s brilliant. There’s certainly a lot to learn-about everything!

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Hi, Andy, it’s great to be here. Woolies did a reasonably good, non polyurethane, liquid gloss at a time when most other cheap paints were non-drip. Maybe I just didn’t know where to shop! Cheers