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Hello from North Yorkshire


I’ve been browsing this wonderful forum for a while as I’ve a large task ahead of me…… an Edwardian house with some lovely period features mostly coated in badly applied gloss paint …… many hours gone and many more ahead with the hot air gun! The woodchip wallpaper has now gone, thankfully (it was even on some ceilings, for heaven’s sake!).

We are serial tatty old house buyers (this is number four) so have had plenty of practice but I want to do a really good job on this one as it’s worth the time and trouble. I enjoy the decorating and take pride in producing a decent result (I’m very slow, though!). My dearly beloved preps the walls and ceilings and hangs the paper (though he has an unfortunate addiction to caulk to deal with wobbles and slight cutting inaccuracies so I have bought him a whole carton of the recommended brand Den Braven!). I do most of the woodwork prep and painting.

I’m learning a lot from this forum and have bought some really decent brushes and a Clean and Go brush washing system to look after them.

Will have loads of questions about techniques and materials…


Welcome to you up there from me down here. Hope you find the place useful.

Den Braven - good stuff. Don’t use anything else myself.

Thanks for painting a good picture of your future! Fire away