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Hello from the North West!

Hello folks,
Long time reader of this site which has been a fountain of knowledge in my quest for decorating perfection. Thanks so much to Andy for helping me get registered and for sharing such a wealth of information.
I’m a keen DIYer whos also not averse to calling on help when needed! Lived in East Cheshire for the last 15 years and recently moved back to South Liverpool. Needless to say the new house needs some serious attention.
Having previously got to grips with working on my Victorian house and all the surprises that threw at me, I now have to get to grips with a relatively modern house with different challenges. Hopefully the pros can answer some of my questions and who knows, I may be able to chip in too.


Hi Tuseef, you are welcome. It is always interesting to hear non-professionals view on kit, looking through fresh eyes.