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Hello I'm Tina - London

Hello fellow forum users I’m Tina from London (yes I know I’m a woman entering a guys world :)). I decorate & do all the jobs indoors which the bloke usually does & so I often need advice from fellas who know how to do all the jobs us women hate!
I hope to become a dab hand at decorating and so want to say hello and thank you in advance for the great tips I am sure you shall pass on to me.

You are welcome Tina, you are in good company. I can assure there are plenty of ladies on and reading the forum who have even hand painted their own kitchens after seeking guidance here. Also there are plenty of blokes out in the real world who you wouldn’t want to take practical advice from :slight_smile: Look around and ask away.

Welcome Tina

We have five female decorators working in the d9 decor network here in Bristol so don;t feel its a guys world at all! welcome to TP