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Helmi 3l paint cans- stupid design!

I’ve ordered some helmi paint and the 3l cans have metal tabs that you bend out and upwards to get the lid off. My concern is does it make an air tight seal when you put lid back on, as I’m not going to use all off the paint in one go. Surely bending the tabs back by hand won’t be as good a seal as when closed by a machine.

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They have been using those lids on their industrial paint (20L) drums for some time. I have had no issues regarding them not resealing. They are not the only supplier to use that type of lid either - Teknos use them on their 10L tins.

Thanks for the reply. I was going to open it yesterday but was worried it wouldn’t reseal and had nothing else to pour it into, so had an early finish. I’ve never had a paint can like this before, which is why I asked the question

Next time you order or speak to your rep, ask them for an opener. They have a metal opener that makes life a lot easier.

for a 3l tin of paint it really is over-engineered!!

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The punch line of the Mark Nash video on
explains that the rubber seal will prevent paint from skinning when you replace the lid manually.

I use Helmi and the 2.7 litres come in plastic containers now, while the litres are in tins.
Otex primer come in the tins the op describes and I sometimes use my 5 in 1 pointy end to open. So long as the lid is put on tight and the tabs pushed down there shouldn’t be any problem.

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