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Hemi for hand painted kitchens

Hi is hemi still the best to use for hand painted kitchens or is there something new? Thanks :+1:

Hi Chris,

I had always been a fan of the Tikkurla stuff for units. But I have to say earlier this year it was recommneded to try Teknos Futura Aqua 40 and Teknos Futura Aqua 3 Waterborne Adhesion Primer.

All I can say is ‘wow’ … it is a fantastic system for rolling on and laying off. Beautiful to apply, very forgiving especially in a 40% eggshell or matt finish. And it forms an unbelievably tough shell. The kitchen was back in service a month or two back and has been hard used. To date? Not a scratch or damage of any sort. Almost against the odds. Really impressed with it.

Have to confess to having been a bit stuck in a rut with a previously safe paint choice and a tad nervous to move from what I knew but seriously, this is a great system. I tried the primer in oil and water based. Although always having lent towards oil, I saw nothing to deter from using the water based version.

It pulls fully flat with ease. I used it in satin white and an F&B green shade. It performed great in both. To my mind is a league up.