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Hi All - Jenny DIY kitchen painter

Hi, I’m about to embark on painting my own brand new Tulipwood/MDF handmade kitchen (which my DOH is fitting) and have joined the TP forum to get some last minute tips.

I’ve read as many hints and tips as I can and got together an impressive and expensive array of equipment (including a Mirka kit - brilliant. I have decided on my paint of choice (Little Greene oil eggshell) but still have specific questions, mainly about the method.

I’ll pop over to the Kitchen hints section for answers to my more specific questions.

My Dad taught me to paint about 40 years ago and I think I’m quite good at it - but a kitchen - in eggshell? Well, why not have a go?

Anyway thanks in advance for your support - wish me luck

(over enthusiastic DIYer)

Welcome Jenny, ask away, and keep the enthusiasm going! Over the duration of a whole kitchen you will need to keep your spirits up at times, cheers