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Hi, everybody!

I am very happy to find a live forum with so many real professionals. I recently became the owner of my own home and became interested in it DIY, because I want to create the most comfortable interior for my family. I understand that I have to paint the old walls and have already found some useful tips on the forum, I hope if I have any difficulties, you can help me, and I, in turn, will share my, albeit little, experience and we will all have a great time :wink:

Hi Antony, welcome to the forum. If you check out other DIY members like @amateurhour64 you will see that the sky is the limit for what you can learn here to up your game.

The aim here is to give full, actionable advice, and I am grateful to the members who contribute extensive responses. If you get an answer and there are gaps, please keep pushing for the full story! eg It is very easy to say “Just give the surface a quick scuff sand between coats” but if you don’t really have an understanding of abrasives, who knows what it means. Things like that.

Having said that, the search function, the Q in the top bar, is very precise so you can search narrow terms. In this case, reading the summary answers to “scuff sand” you would get a good idea and then dig a bit deeper if necessary. If that doesn’t clarify things, obviously ask. cheers

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