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Hi everyone DIY with automotive finishing background

Hi all

Well I am definately DIY when it comes to decorating and wood but I always want a professional job. Have some experience in automotive finishing but painting has never been a strong point, hopefully with the knowledge on these forums I can at least use the right tools and materials so then I can only blame myself for a bad job !

My trade has been automotive R&D and electronics/software so good with a soldering Iron but not so good with a brush.

         all the best Roy

Welcome Roy, you have a few tricks we could learn from. The main thing s get some decent kit, decent paint and be patient.

I and the other lads look forward to pointing you in the right direction if needs be.


Evening Roy
All of us on this site HV a real passion for kitchen/house painting. I would suggest that you have patients, not afraid to try products,and plenty of money to buy top notch decorating brushes,rollers,and its all in the preparation,which most DIYers don’t have,but being in the auto trade you HV the advantage of finishing and prep.

Welcome to the zone


Hi all

I think finding the right products is always hard work, and there can be so much conflicting advice. Luckily with an engineering background I know you only get what you pay for and have also used some really toxic paints in the past for automotive and vehicle work, containing things like heavy metals, arsenic and A Cyanide compound. Now they want sweet smelling paints that don’t make you all floaty !

        all the best Roy