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Hi everyone from keen DIYer

I’ve been an amateur DIY-er for all my adult life (now 69), a gene I must have inherited from my father who lived in the make-do-and-mend days and learnt many a good trick whilst working in the dockyard. My projects have ranged from garden fencing & landscaping to kitchen renewals and even some upholstery, as well as the usual decorating and so on. I’ve always been a sucker for tools, on the basis that if you spend £50 on a tool which helps avoid employing a pro for £150 then it’s a good deal, within reason that is.

The problem with reading articles by experts such as yourself is that it sounds so easy! But I am now fired to have a go at furniture painting, thanks to your web site.

Hi Dennis - welcome to the site and what I always say is that ‘if you don’t have a go - you will never know what you can do’. So, good luck with that :slight_smile: I also hand paint furniture not only ‘plain’ stuff but using different decorative faux finishing i.e. marbling, my own ‘French Antique Style’ amongst a few more. I love being creative - so, when you have got round to being creative, then we would love to have a look at what you do :slight_smile:

Creative I’m not, but if anything good comes of it I’ll let you know:)