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Hi from decorator designer in Dublin

My name is Denise Hardy and at the moment I am living partly in Dublin - although I am not Irish - very much English :slight_smile: I have a company called Decorative Ideas. I have had my own business for approx 25 years although not all in painting and decorating etc. I used to purchase ‘run down’ properties and ‘do’ them up and sell for mainly good profits - they were the days!

I turned to painting and decorating painting techniques i.e. faux finishes approx 14 years ago, after having some training in Nottingham. I moved to Alicante in Spain 11 years ago and carried on hand painting furniture and a few kitchens. My husband was ‘head hunted’ for a job in Dublin, although I remained in Spain with us both travelling back and forth between Spain and Dublin. I now work between Dublin, Spain and a little in Nottingham (old clients) where my family live.

Apart from the hand painted furniture I produce, I also paint art, which I never started until approx 10 years ago. I also answer questions on under the DIY & Decorating Section and am at the top of the leader board for ‘Best Answers’. I do this in my spare time and love helping others achieve good results in re-designing/re-styling their homes and recommending paint colours and other products for the re-styling, whether that be a bedroom, living room etc etc.

There is always something new to learn and different ways of doing something and there are always new products on the market, hence why I have joined the Forum for tips and information on products and everything else I can learn and hopefully give something back with the knowledge and creativity I have learned myself :slight_smile:

I have already spent hours on this site and enjoyed every moment and already deemed some really great tips on products and ways of doing something etc etc so I would like to thank you all for accepting me on the Forum and hope to give something back very soon :wink:


PS - sorry my ‘blurb’ was long :slight_smile:

Hi Denise you are top of our leaderboard too for best intro.

Look forward to your contributions

Hi Denise,

Welcome to the TP forum, hope you find it useful!

Im a Nottingham lad myself, born and bred in Stabbo! Where did you do your training in Nottingham? Was it with Mike Myatt at Basford Hall or Radcliffe College?
I was teaching advanced craft to Level 3 apprentices at New College (Basford Hall) up until recently. Its good to see someone with your knowledge helping spread a good word

Great intro BTW

Hi Andy - thanks for putting me at the top of your leaderboard for best intro :slight_smile:

Hi also to Prime-Decoration :slight_smile: Born in Stabbo hey - my daughter was living there until a couple of weeks ago - she’s now in Long Eaton. My training was in Colwick - off the loop road - I can’t remember what you call them, but they used to do a whole lot of private courses on design, soft furnishings and painting techniques. When I lived in Nottingham I was Burton Joyce and Gedling area. Although years ago I did go to Basford College for Secretarial Training - many moons ago though - lol :slight_smile: I also did an on-line interior design course with the National Design Academy on Trent Waterside.

Thank you both for welcoming me :slight_smile:

While I remember can you please advise how you get your little pictures of yourself on here - I can’t seem to find anything on how you do it. Thanks

Burton Joyce Hey, thats Posh! My wifes from Gedling area,(although shes half Spanish) her grandparents lived on pit estate (Besecar Avenue).

Dont know the place your on about but remember NDA thats the one I meant when I referred to Radcliffe College.

To add your picture: Go to top RH top corner click on edit my profile and scroll down to where it says add photo, make sure you scale it down in size or it wont load


When I was in Gedling I was in ‘Gedling Village’ or what they call Gedling Village - lol - I never understood that :slight_smile:

Just looked on my profile, but it doesn’t say ‘add photo’ anywhere on that page - erm! Any ideas why that is? Sorry to be a pain

[quote]Quote from housedoc2911 on May 29, 2014, 16:55
While I remember can you please advise how you get your little pictures of yourself on here - I can’t seem to find anything on how you do it. Thanks[/quote]

courtesy of WP Beginner

Hi Andy - thanks for info re avatar - as you can see it has worked :slight_smile:

Hi Andy - thanks for info re avatar - as you can see it has worked :slight_smile:

Oh… blooming eck - sorry, I was trying to post the above and everytime I was pressing submit quick reply or reply RSS feed - it wasn’t showing up - so I kept trying, but obviously it is just slow on appearing? Whoops! :slight_smile:

Yes, there is a glitch with the server sometimes, the post always goes through via email though, so if you are subscribed (the second of the blue options) you will see it, and then it works its way round to the forum!