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Hi from painter in Worcestershire

I am a self employed painter from Evesham in Worcestershire, I’ve been out the industry for a few years but came back into it 12 months ago. Majority of my work is from domestic customers, with the odd commercial customer too.
Always looking for new ideas and techniques.

The forums seem to have gone quiet? So I will be first to say hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Hello again Trev. What did you do out of decorating? Hard to believe there is a life after painting!

Hi Trev, I did a stint of work down in Hollywood not far from Redditch if I remember right (few years back now) thats not to far from you is it?

Hi to all and thanks for the welcome.

My time out of painting was spent at a printing company, was only supposed to be for a short while but good money kept me there for 8 years.

Indeed Redditch isn’t far from me, about half hour.