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High gloss finish

A client of mine has requested a high gloss finish on her kitchen cupboards. I have used feelings and Helmi Matt but not a high gloss finish. I have been looking at Miranol and wondering if that would be the best option. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks. Mark

I feel some good tips on how to high gloss finish

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If you are happy to use oil based then the two gloss finishes i have tested recently are unbelievable. With proper prep - i did minimal as i was just sampling - the finish would be truly fantastic and they really are mirror like. Both by Global Paints: Brilliant Coat SB and SPU Gloss. Let me know if you need more info.

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Have you thought of using sign writers enamel. I use it a lot on front doors, limited colour range may be the only problem. But it looks like glass when finished and as tough as old boots.

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Have you got the photo handy of that door you did in the summer? You can upload via the arrow.

Hi All

This is the high gloss finish I mentioned. This is a picture taken when it’s dry. It’s ‘one shot signwriters enamel’ (and a lot of prep!).

Hope that helps


OK, you win so far. Thanks for sharing that. Is that a letterbox stuck on a mirror!

How much is a lot of preparation?

To be honest mate, just the usual strip, prime etc. I did use the Toupret lacquer and also rubbed it down wet in between the enamel coats. Tac rags etc. it wasn’t the shiniest I’ve done, I’ll pull out a few other pics. Now I’ve mastered the site, with the help of my far more intelligent wife :wink:

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It’s a brilliant white finish that the client wants. My main concern with brilliant white oil is if course yellowing. Will these paints Yellow Ben ?

I’m familiar with one shot Paul which I’ve used on signs a few years ago and it had a very high gloss as the photo above shows. Thanks for the feedback I’m hoping to use something water borne as I’m a big fan of feelings and Helmi and using almost all water based products these days. I’m considering the new Dulux trade water based gloss depending on it’s durability.

Hi, there are several different whites available at Handovers. I’ve been using this for years and haven’t encountered any problems with the whites yellowing. It’s a dream to work with and levels really well. May be worth a test door…
Hope that helps

Otex followed by Miranol would be my suggestion , without question

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Fantastic @paulkelly , I’m liking that a lot!
Have you got a link for the One Shot please and is that gold you have used here?

tekaloid coach enamel is another shot. Traditional dray and coach paint, superb finish and levelling. could use a brush filler underneath if required, depending on state of doors.

we once did a barge in it once, it was still in the water when we did it. Now that was fun.