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How can I get the corner edges of thick wallpaper to stick?

I have finally hung the wallpaper in my daughters room & for a while I wasn’t sure I was capable of completing the job, the paper is much stiffer than I expected & I bought the wrong type of paste before I read pre-mixed paste was required (I’d never heard of paste in a tub). The paste needed to be applied, left to soak into the paper for 15 minutes to make it manageable,I had to also gauge where the edges would be once up & apply additional paste to those parts before I could even attempt to hang it.
I’m sure this was a job for 2 people but there was only me so you can imagine the palava I had getting up the step-ladder with each drop of paper (I was scared to let go at first & wobbled loads) & getting it then onto the walls without tearing it or mis-matching the pattern but eventually after much ado the job was done & I was satisfied it was a job very well done.
This morning however I went into her room as I had still to trim off the excess paper at top & bottom & the top corners have come away from the wall…what can I do to get the corners stuck back where they were & what do I use to get a sharp straight cut when its time to cut off the excess please. I need a quick-fix as daughter will come home & I told her the room was done. Thank you in advance for all replies. Tina