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How did you enter trade were you self taught or college route?

Hi fellow decorators ,how did you enter the decorating trade were you self taught ,
or did you go down college, route ?just interested to hear where we all started?

I had a 4 year apprenticeship and doing a C&G adv certificate at same time.
I had a great boss very old school but taught me a lot.

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Once you get the decorating bug ,it never leaves you,and you meet some great people
along the way,myself a bit of college,but had a passion very early,done lots of painting,
in the marine game.I always strive to do better than the last painter,study/practice/and
work hard.

if you have no previous formal training but you possess the skills you can go down the able skills route and go and get tested on your knowledge and if you pass you will receive the necessary qualifications i believe. there are a lot of older people out there who are time served with a company but have far more knowledge than a nvq just out of collage guy .
so if some one wants to pursue a career in decorating it would be worth while imo to go down that route as many company’s will only hire nvq decorators

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Hi teho do you no anyone that has been to able skills dartford?

hi darlic no sorry i dont

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For what it is worth, I gained an Advanced Craft City and Guilds with 2 distinctions and a Merit in the early 80’s. However, apart from my lecturer and me, the only person in the trade who ever really cared was a college HR when I enquired about part time teaching.

In decorating, I think it is probably right to have a healthy dose of cynicism about levels of formal education in decorating, because there is a long term trend for shorter and shallower courses, studying weeks not years, hours not days!

My qualification is pretty good and exposed to me a full range of skills, but not that good compared to the training my lecturer at college went through 15 years earlier. He had to attend 5 years of one day a week 9am til 9pm to get the same C&G Advanced Craft qualification he trained me up to pass in 3 or 4 years of day release 9am - 7pm.

The reality is, every decorator is only as good as their last job. And we are only as qualified as “can you answer the last tricky question on a forum”.