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How do I get corner edges of wallpaper to stick?

I have finally hung the wallpaper in my daughters room & for a while I wasn’t sure I was capable of completing the job, the paper is much stiffer than I expected & I bought the wrong type of paste before I read pre-mixed paste was required (I’d never heard of paste in a tub). The paste needed to be applied, left to soak into the paper for 15 minutes to make it manageable,I had to also gauge where the edges would be once up & apply additional paste to those parts before I could even attempt to hang it.
I’m sure this was a job for 2 people but there was only me so you can imagine the palava I had getting up the step-ladder with each drop of paper (I was scared to let go at first & wobbled loads) & getting it then onto the walls without tearing it or mis-matching the pattern but eventually after much ado the job was done & I was satisfied it was a job very well done.
This morning however I went into her room as I had still to trim off the excess paper at top & bottom & the top corners have come away from the wall…what can I do to get the corners stuck back where they were & what do I use to get a sharp straight cut when its time to cut off the excess please. I need a quick-fix as daughter will come home & I told her the room was done. Thank you in advance for all replies. Tina

Pasting the paper is a critical skill - ensure entire surface is evenly coated, in particular the edges. Check by sight before folding paper on itself to soak.
Do check soak time from wallpaper label instructions… 15mins sounds a long time - maybe starting to dry out?
Hang paper to plumb line brushing or using caulking blade from centre out to edges
Trim with long steel and Olfa knife and blades, keep blade angle low.
hang next length getting the seams to match and in place first (keep other side of paper slightly away from wall) once seams are in line smooth back rest of length

Good job Alfiesgirlt! Soak the edges with more paste, you might need to do this a couple of times untill the paper is supple, then stick back to the wall. For trimming it may be handier for you to use a ruler and a very sharp blade, bohemian or stanly.Using the edge, push the ruler tightly down on the paper into the skirting board then using the blade cut the paper. Slide the ruler along and cut again. When you get to the end of the skirting board gently remove the excess paper. For the top of the paper jam the ruler into the paper where the wall meets the ceiling and repeat the process.
Hope this helps.

Thank you both to Dave & Oisín for your valuable responses. I am just about to go back in to do the necessary, I am quite nervous about doing the trimming but I’ve got the steel ruler & the Stanley knife so I shall let you know a little later how it goes. Tina x

rememeber to snap a new blade for every cut (unless its Olfa which stay sharp for many cuts)and keep the angle of the knife low. Good luck!