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How do you support/stack kitchen doors when painting them?

Maybe a slightly odd question but as my impending first kitchen looms I have been wondering if anyone has come up with some sort of method or system to put doors on when painting or just painted…?

I am going to be using a few pasting tables and then sit the doors on bits of batten but some kitchens won’t have as much space, so anyone come up with anything ?

when space is at a premium i stack them obliquely, at approx 45 degree angle from the wall, (this is easier to show then describe!) and stack them quite close to each other.
I create an area well out of the way of passers by to beware the domino effect and suitably protect floor and wall with lining paper or thin MDF boards taped together
Get a lot of doors in a small amount of space - 2 m should do it
Dave d9 decor Bristol

So you actually paint them like that or just store them like that once touch dry ?
I have 28 doors to paint but using WB means I can lean them against a wall after an hour or so and get on with the next lot but am limited to how any I can do at a time by the space available. Thankfully there is plenty for me this time but there must be times when there isn’t enough so some sort of racking must be needed…

Hi Steve,

This is how I and a lot of other TP Kitchen painters do it:

Remove all doors from the carcasses, leave the hinge on the carcass, if they are butt hinges I remove completely then refit. You can stack them as Dave 69 suggests while your doing the initial degrease and prep but once you start applying paint, I paint all the frames to the carcasses first and leave to dry, then paint back hinge edge of door, re-hang and proceed to coat both sides of that door. Then repeat with each door, this way they are not in your way and both sides dry at the same time. Once you get to the last door your first one will be dry - repeat for next coat. Yes its a bit of hassle taking off and re-hanging each coat but much easier than having doors everywhere!

Hope this helps


Btw: don’t forget to number your doors in sequence, do this in the round hole where the hinge fits as this doesn’t normally get painted as its covered by the hinge.

Russ - you have no idea how much that helps - it will also minimize the amount of dust that can settle of a door lying flat on a table.
By painting both sides of each door at one go sounds like my head will suffer less as I will know just how far I have got during the day.
Thank You !

Exactly! You would have to go some to do 28 doors in a day, that’s 56 sides. So they are hanging back in sequence ready for the following day.

Also if you don’t have a little power screw driver, kit yourself out with one! I use this one:

The battery on these lasts forever and a day and a cracking bit of kit.

Don’t forget to show us your before & after pis, on here

Kind regards


I know I will have to go some - my days will be long and my eyes tired especially as I have a 90 minute commute each way every day to where I will be staying…
I don’t have that screwdriver but the Bosch Ixo, which I picked up in the sales for under £20 with some discount voucher.
Pictures will be taken and posted - its the least I can do after all the help I have been given by so many on here !