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How many people have taken the info on TP and made a business

Hi folks i was wondering how many people on here practiced what they have learned from this excellent resource and gone out and made a business from it.I look at this forum as a treasure chest dripping with expert knowledge and what makes it special it’s free, so well done to all the excellent people who have made it happen.


TP got me in to painting kitchens and furniture as an extension to my existing painting and decorating business.

I’ve done 4 kitchens now with 2 more to do before the end of the year. I was approached in July by a bespoke kitchen company in Merseyside asking if I’d like to be considered for hand painting their kitchens. As I was booked up in to the New Year and getting new enquires every week it didn’t fit in with my business plan at that time.

I learnt a huge amount from TP, Andy and the kitchen/furniture specialists which gave me the confidence to start painting kitchens and furniture myself.

In addition I found out about dust free sanding, Toupret, Tikkurila, Wooster and a myriad of other products and items of equipment.

I have much to thank TP for.


I am starting out on a semi business basis. At this stage it is mainly friends and family but I have just finished a hallway for a lady who knew a friend of mine. My health and other commitments won’t allow me to go flat out at it but I am enjoying the new challenge.


I’ve not started a business but get asked at least once a month if I do work.

I’ve had a steady stream of folks knock on the door and I have to say it’s entirely due to the advice and skills and professionalism and enthusiam of Andy and you folks here on TP.

TP has been the perfect vehicle to hone my OCR to undreamed of levels :relaxed:

On the negative side, I have a rolling conveyor belt of family who having learned my new found skill set are very keen to discuss said skills!!!

On a more serious note, I often wander how many folks are actually willing to pay the rate for top top flight decorating in our county. We are in Shropshire.


We put out a 1000 leaflets with recommendations kept us busy,since we have customers we have done 3/4 jobs for,most repeat bossiness,i enjoy meeting new people,but
have a real passion for decorating.

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I know that feeling mate! I had someone look at some chest of drawers I had renovated from awful, patchy dented old paint to smooth white painted beauties and they asked if I could revive theirs…no money offered so I am sure you can guess what I said!!


:grinning: … yeah unfortunately when they are one of four daughters and one son it’s hard to walk from it. I just wish they actually learnt some skills like I’m doing…I never know if it’s ‘can’t do or don’t really want to do’ although I fear the later!

Fortunately No.1 son is becoming increasingly handy with a continental filler knife and joint filler :slight_smile:

I do get them on the stripping and scrapping which is something.