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How much paint to order?

Is it experience or a good guess with reference to how much paint to order when painting a kitchen. Is there a formula to use. With getting the paint colour mixed, I wouldn’t want to order too much but obviously, I wouldn’t want to have too little

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Make life easy go on Bq wall paint calculator. Before leaving just make sure the paint is the colour on the paint card you have shown the customer.goodluck

Sorry, I should have made it clearer, I was talking about the cabinets, doors, frames, side panels etc, but thanks for the reply

After you have painted a fair few kitchens you can assess how much paint is required without measuring everything.

Till then make a habit of estimating the surface area without measuring, then laboriously measure up the surface area of what you are painting. When your “initial guess” equals the actual measurements, you have arrived!

The m2/litre coverage is always stated on the tins or spec sheets of the primer and topcoats. It is important to respect the coverage rates. If you spread paint on too thin, the paint coating will not be as durable as expected. Apply it too thick and you can run (pardon the pun) into different issues.

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