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How often do you renew?

Just curious, how often to you replace roller sleeves?

It seems months between renewing mine, either I look after them or they don’t ware out that quickly :?

I remember using lambs wool rollers some years back and having to replace them much more.

I wonder if Wooster and the like have a crash test dummy scale of useful life in sleeves?

I know what you mean though about longevity. Because 14" Wooster Pro Doo-z are so time consuming to clean, I once had a bunch in different colours on a big job, wrapped in plastic for 3-4 months, rolled over 1000m2 of primer plus various colours in multiple coats, and didn’t notice any uneven wear or bald spots. Having said that, trimming the edges back 1", the most vulnerable parts are pre-worn!

MyPaintBrush have the Axus one piece Merino sheepskin roller sleeves, anyone got feedback on those?

The polyester/acrylic ones certain last long, I’m guessing too long for the manufacturers!

One thing guaranteed to tear shreds out of your roller sleeves, new artex and new render.

Now that sounds interesting LOL :slight_smile: