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How to clean paint brushes used in water based paint - update

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Best trade practice has always been to regularly clean paint brushes used in water based paint. Working outside, brushes may need cleaning every couple of hours. Running water, under the tap, has been the primary way of cleaning brushes used in emulsion and water based woodwork paint, but that is going to change. Water based paint might be nicer to use than oil, but it certainly isn’t “clean”.

How many ways have you got to clean brushes, or keep them ready for use?

Depends on the paint really. But generally I will try and rinse them out on site then bag them up and seal them. Once home I sit them for a few minutes in cool water with a little detergent before washing off in cold water. That’s it for me.

If I have the facilities to wash them properly on a job then I will - much easier to clean when the paint is still properly wet.

Hi everyone just flicking through & came across this post. I use clean spirit to rinse brushes used in water based trim paint then a wash in soapy water,this works & leaves no sticky residue. Oh by the way u can buy it cheap in B&M bargains about £3 for 2lt.try it!

i have a bottle of zinerser krudcutter at hand give the brushes a spray then rinse in water ,seems to work really well.

i think a good practice is to not overload your kettle\tray then you wont have so much that will end up down the drain to start with

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i no a few decorators who use washing machines,not sure
if thats a good idear,we use a bin bag when not in use,tape up and label colour.

With any painting activity there is waste, but the amount of painty water that decorators are sending into the water system is cause for concern. Just because it is waterbased and doesnt smell doesn’t mean it isn’t damaging. I think all the options ofr brush keepers and overnight storage need to be fully explored and adopted.

I believe in Switzerland and maybe even in France, decorators need to carry a self contained paint brush cleaning tank in the van.