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How to develop rates for pricing decorating work?

What would be a good price to undercoat, gloss a panel door, interior, also to paint a room 10 foot by 10 foot emulsion walls and ceiling, undercoat & gloss skirting.

I am trying to get figures in my head. Thanks guys

If you have no idea, the simplest place to satrt is with a Wessex estimating book or program. These are industry averages, the thing with averages though they tend not to apply to anyone.

First thing is to never guesstimate, so having rates is essential.

The only true way to price is to develop a database of your own work, ie list literally every aspect of say glossing a door, and do it and note the timings. Multiply hours by the hourly rate you want and there is your unit rate for labour. Add materials, add profit, and that is your charge out rate.

Your pricing of your working practice is the basis of being a professional decorator. The guys who win, will work different, have different tricks and areas of efficiency, and most importantly, know how long it takes them, exactly ahead of submitting a price. If you sidestep the 3 coat new emulsion system and do it in 2 with a better finish, you have a metre rate advantage… If you work out how to skim instead of lots of spot fill, again, your metre rate can get ahead.

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