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How to get paint on the carpet and fluff in your paint

Well glossed stairs skirting boards today,didn’t put plastic on carpets,worried about dog slipping,instead went around,with the axus blade,handy bit of equipment,and wonder wipes,to wipe of any paint that got on blade.It worked well but the carpet has few looses strands,if you no what i mean when i pushed the blade into carpet went across with brush,tiny amount of paint went on the edges,i have a good eye for detail so i would notice it more than most.I then changed technique pushing blade towards carpet,but instead painting along edge,started a bit higher up then working down to the edge this worked better for me,but the carpet is old and strands all on it so quiet difficult to avoid catching it with the brush unless you cut the strands off.I don’t wont this to happen again is the best way plastic sheeting,or even better tape,but whats the best that will stick to carpets,or is there anything else,that could help me.If i come across a carpet like this do i warn the customer,tiny bits of paint could catch it.Thanks jason

Hi Jason, a word in your ear mate - it is absolutely not OK to get bits of fluff on your paintwork, or paint on a carpet.

There is no need to put yourself in that position, either, dog or no dog. The solution is no stress and also way faster than the “george” approach, which is from the 1960’s decorating school of taking chances with carpets.

Any mid-tack cheap or expensive 1.5" tape will do the job of keeping the paint away from the carpet and vice versa. Lay the tape down and gently push it with a filling knife so it goes down the back of the carpet as far as possible.

If you can’t lay protector on the stairs, take a piece of cardboard with you so as to be doubly sure you don’t spill drips on the carpet.

Don’t overload your brush so as to make sure there is a skinny coating at the bottom of the skirting or string. Leave it to dry and remove tape. Slide the filling knife down to the base of the tape and give it a push so it breaks any seal that may have developed. The tape will come up easily, maybe too easily, so be careful not to pull too hard and unravel an old carpet!

Thanks Andy will be having another test run Saturday,let you no.

if you start doing courses,i will be happy to pay.