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How to login, forgot password, forgot username

If you are a member of the old TP forum, to use this new one, all you need to login is your username or email, and click on I forgot my password. With a new password, you can carry on.

If you can’t remember anything about anything and want to keep your account and all your postings intact, please read this.

This is continuing the intro on TP’s new discussion board for homeowners, keen DIY & trade:

You have 3 ways to login and 3 ways to find one piece of info that will get you in!

##3 ways to login

  • your forum username plus password

  • the email address that you registered on the forum with, plus password

  • FaceBook.

##3 ways to find forgotten info

  • If you forgot your username, do a search “@best-guess-user-name” and check the bottom listing

  • If that prompts no inkling of who you are! try FaceBook login. (Can’t help you there, if you don’t know your FB login info, but don’t despair, last resort, try find your email.)

  • Forgot your email? It is the one we sent you a message, telling you about the new forum. A batch went out to all registered email addresses on Sep 11th, if that helps find it!

Know your email or username but forgot your password?

Click on “I forgot my Password

I think we have every base covered for every level of confusion? And if you don’t know, please do a search, it is much smarter than us admins.