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How to login

Getting around this forum is really easy.

Signing up and logging in to participate is really easy too.

The trouble is, we have all been damaged by past experiences that have made us assume that using forums is hard!

This tutorial assumes you have newly signed up. Therefore you have:

  • a record in your email inbox of your username

  • a record of your password.

These are the only info required to login.

Just do exactly what you see below and you will be in and taking part in no time!

##Go to top right of the green bar and click LOG IN.

##Now login

You have 3 options, but let’s use the email option.

  • In the USER box add the email address you used to sign up.

  • Add your Password

  • Click on Login.

Before you know it, look top right, you will see your name.

  • If you see your name, you are logged in!

  • If you see my name, you hacked a very secure system!

  • If you can’t remember your password when you login, use the option “I forgot my password

##Once logged in, for the first time, I suggest you go top right and click PREFERENCES to create your profile

####Reason being, once you start participating, fellow forum users will be curious who you are, so best tell them.

Anyone who clicks on your avatar to the left of your posts, will see your profile info.

We do not believe in anonymous posting, you know who we are, right! Here’s how you build your profile.

##Click on your avatar, in this case the “A”

##Click on preferences

Whatever options you choose in th ePreferences section will create your profile.

  • A real name to an online face never went amiss, especially for business folks.


  • Upload an avatar if you have one. If you don’t know what it is, or where to get one, don’t worry, your avatar will be your username first initial


  • Link to your website You want to leave your calling card? No problem. Add your company URL.

(As part of the Trust based approach here, a link in your profile will only go live once you have spent some time logged in, looking around and reading and posting. i.e. active members who do call by once in a while, are welcome to have a link, but spammers are not.)

  • Update your Bio, profile background pic


Your choices in Preferences will create something like this.

Your email is not visible to any other users.

##Now you are ready to post a question or join a conversation