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How to paint over a penguin mural on silk emulsion

Am about to decorate a bedroom for my daughter - it is currently painted in blue vinyl silk with really well executed black and white penguin murals. But the penguins have to go!
My plan is to seal the penguins (diluted PVA), give them a couple of coats of trade matt white, followed by trade matt white all over, then a couple of coats of matt cream. Doesn’t need to be particularly wipeable and prefer the look of matt.
Does this sound like a plan? Can I put matt over PVA?
Nervous home decorator

Hi Briony, good to see a home decorator, albeit a nervous one, asking for help.

I suspect that the first thing you need to do, if you really want to get rid of all traces of penguin is to sand them out! Sadly if you don’t sand them down, they will leave their mark (ridges on the edges) which will show through the paint that you intend to apply.

At college we had to do this every year, get rid of last terms signwriting project and start again!

So either use coarse (80 grade) wet n dry and a rubber sanding block and plenty of water and elbow grease, with particular attention to every edge, or an Abranet Starter kit with 80 grade Abranet or better still, an orbital sander ideally attached to a vacuum cleaner to extract all the dust.

If you sand the penguins with wet n dry, the quickest way to get rid of the scuzz is wait for it to dry then scrub off with a rough terry rag.

When the penguins are history to the touch, I would carry on making sure all the walls are nice and smooth, fill dings and cracks with a decent filler like Toupret TX 110 or Prestonnet, which are easy to sand but don’t fall out. Usually go over a hole, once, let it dry and then a second thin layer over the top. When dry, sand flat.

If you don’t have a Wooster Dust Eater, vacuum the walls, and you are ready to paint.

I would think if you want cream in a matt finish, and I know you dont want to be applying PVA or 5 coats! go for an acrylic matt emulsion applied with a 3/8" Wooster Pro doo-z roller sleeve. Nobody, especially DIY painters, ever complains about Little Greene acrylic absolute matt, likewise Mythic matt. Very forgiving, great coverage. Mythic is scrubbable, Absolute matt isnt.

Will 2 coats cover over blue silk? I would definitely allow for painting the edges 3 times in case you paint it a bit skinny. The main walls, I would say the painters who claim 2 coat coverage over anything, would actually be doing 2 and a half if you analyse their technique. So just do your best with 2 coats and if it needs a third coat for the extra depth, you will still be 2 coats ahead on your original plan.

Everything about painting walls I know is here

Any penguin before and after pictures are always welcome

This is so useful thankyou! Will definitely be sanding down the penguins now - would be awful to see ghostly penguin outlines after all that effort. Suspect they might already have bought the paint, but will see. It’s only a small room thankfully!
Thanks again for such a comprehensive reply!
PS Will definitely take before and after pics!

Agree with Russ’ posting there, you definitly don’t want to be using PVA sealer.

The Mythic is an excellent product, with good application and opacity. It will come in US gallons, approx 3.7 litres, to you would need to by 2 cans for the job.

Brewers sell it to order and it can also be purchased from the Mythic UK website.