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How to paint plastic exterior pillars

I will use this post and hope others do when they come across jobs asked by customers and not sure on the best way forward.

On this one the pillars need repainting. Owner said they are plastic, there was flaking,and needed cleaning. I thought krudcutter would be handy for cleaning, and as for paint zinsser exterior you can use on plastic,and many other surfaces,and drys quick. Any better ideas or cover stain.

As for rollers, what’s the best for a project like this,or would it be better to just use a brush to get a nice finish, any help much appreciated.


Separated your questions so future readers can find the specific information for preparing and painting plastic pillars and metal staircases

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Looked in my Zinsser pocket guide, if you haven’t got one ,get one, on page 35 they recommend
for plastic,using blackfriar anti mould solution,bullseye 123 plus primer sealer, and zinnerer perma white interior ,exterior, anyone got any other idears much appreciated.