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How to protect wallpaper to paint the ceiling

I recently had a similar situation - maddening isn’t it!
I used Tesa pink 2" tape and draped down thin poly roll. Press down half the width of the tape leaving other half away from the wall so you can tuck the poly sheeting under the ‘flap’ - tip from the 3M masking video

Tesa wallpaper tape.

Heavy vinyl is probably the least challenging scenario for it. A couple of things to consider - test it first in a discreet place, That will at least give you a feel for if it is going to be OK.

Run it around the edge and tape very light weight plastic to it.

Consider removing tape from wallpaper after each days work just to reduce chances of “excitement” from discovering tackiness
too far.

any other ideas?

Almost a double posting with Dave. Useful tip 3M, helping Tesa users , that’s sharing info unselfishly :slight_smile:

Try a low tack masking tape like KleenEdge on a 3M Masking Machine with 99" film. If you find the KneenEdge doesn’t stick try something a bit stronger like 3M Blue. If it’s heavy vinyl that should be ok. I’d make the customer aware of the issues first though.