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How to set up a weekly digest of forum topics

If you aren’t big on forums but you would like an easy way to keep up with the topics being discussed, a weekly email digest might be right up your street.

##sign up or login top right

##Use FaceBook or email to sign up.

###If you are a member with a bad memory try “I forgot my password”

##When you are logged in, go top right again

##Click on Preferences and scroll down to EMAIL

##From hereon in, you will receive a compilation of recent forum topics by email.

For your convenience, the whole forum is run on email, so you can view and read full posts, and even answer by email. No need to actually visit the forum! It makes our stats look low, but oh well, we find a lot of our users like the option to view our no-nonsense information this way.

If you do want to participate, welcome. Introduce yourself and tuck in.