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How to turn after thoughts / off topic questions into a new thread

First off, we really appreciate all the interaction here, and as the Admin, it is very warming to see that the vast majority of threads are on-topic, with each new post adding to the discussion in a positive and helpful way. Thanks to the contributors therefore, for making this such a good resource for busy folks who just want to drop in for answers.

Here’s the BUT!

Occasionally, members digress and may mention something interesting, but not related to the thread, an after thought, so to speak. It doesn’t happen very often, but if someone responds to the after thought, then the thread gets derailed. You have been on enough forums to know how that goes. We aren’t big fans of Chinese whisper forum threads either!

Anyway when you find yourself answering a question and/or you come up with an after-thought or side thought, could we ask you to turn that off-topic idea into a new thread?

It’s quite easy once you know how, a two click operation, and it will make best use of your time and give future readers more good info that can be found easily. This is a random example, we have all gone off topic at some point!

It is not the end of the world, but it has taken the previous conversation in a different direction and any gems about Allcoat will probably not be found by future visitors looking specifically for Allcoat gems!

That’s where the admin comes in and starts housekeeping and barging in!

Any questions, please DM me