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Howden's Hardwood Door Finishing Advice

Good Evening All, I’m about to decorate a hallway for a client - originally I would have painted and wallpapered and then new doors would have been hung - slight change of plan in that the doors are now hung and the client has asked me to finish them. More than happy to do this but I’d value thoughts/advice on best approach.

They’re unfinished hardwood doors, solid/laminate combination, like a fool I’ve not taken a photo of them, but they are unfinished and close to an Ash wood finish at present. The client would like them naturally finished - ideally with a waterbased product. They’re not at all precious about any other detail but they’d basically like them to be close to a natural finish, erring towards Satin.

I’ve attached the info sheet supplied with the doors. Like I said, advice/guidance/thoughts would be massively gratefully receivedIMG_0643|375x500

Hi Dave, check out this thread, it sounds similar but with oak. All the products mentioned have stood the test of time.

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Thanks Andy - taking a look