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Howdy- Lewis Harrington decorator in Essex

Good evening chaps and chapesses,

I found this site by Googling absolutely any keyword related to painting and decorating :smiley: Ha!

My name is Lewis, decorator based in Essex running a small decorating company,

I am enjoying reading all the information here and the willingness to share.

Look forward to chatting with all ye knowledgeable folk.


(EDIT: I followed your instructions on the website. With a bunch of good posts you can jazz up your profile and add links so readers can hunt you down) Thanks

Evening Lewis an welcome to TP

Nice website you have their and some great work being carried out. I enjoyed reading through your blogs, particularly the 2pk filler one and the cracked masonry job.

Have you tried Ultima Plastic Padding: I never leave home without it!

I do the odd repair here an there! Look forward to your imput



Hi Lewis, welcome to the forum, and echoing Russ, you have a very nice website yourself with rather good info.

I look forward to your insights and ideas, as do the folks who call by.



Thanks for the compliments on the website!

Russ, I have some other fillers I would like to put to the test but alas, time is not on my side at the moment. I have not come across Ultima before but will definitely check it out, thanks for the heads up.

Andy, thanks for the welcome. Hope you understand that the link to my site was more of an abbreviated way of showing what Iโ€™m up to rather than me shamelessly plugging my own website.

Look forward to talking shop.


Hi Lewis, sorry, we donโ€™t do abbreviated!

Much prefer links to hot info. Your Upol filler review is a cracker and well worth a read :slight_smile:



Cool, thanks Andy.

No more abbreviations from me sir!

Thanks for subscribing.

Hellllllo Lewis!

Great to see you here fella.