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Ican Grepp V

I recently started using a water based product called Ican Grepp V. This is a hybrid paint (ie acrylic based with alkyd oil added) for priming, sealing and undercoating.

I’m not always a fan of hybrid paints as they tend to be sticky and will soon gum up brushes and equipment. It is difficult to remove as well because the paint isn’t soluble in just one solvent. Water will get most of it but not all. This then shortens the life of the brush and make long spells of application a chore.

Enter Ican Grepp V. It applies easily, with good open time and opacity. It also levels well, though I would have expected that. What I didn’t expect was the way it washed out of brushes, a Corona Ryan and Cody, with the ease of a pure acrylic product. No sticky residue, just a nice clean brush after a few washes with detergent.

This product is great for priming under water based paints, I used Eico Gloss, because it offers the adhesion of a hybrid with the ease of use of an acrylic primer undercoat.

thanks Ron, same as you i,m always on the look out for quality acrylic, so on your advice am keen to source some

Hi Dave, give Ben Sturges a ring at Paints & Interiors

Hi Ron,
i was given some Ican to trial in the summer, i found the opacity great covered plywood in one hit and leveled off nice. It claims to stick to plastic and tiles…well not very well was my finding, comes off easily with a finger nail.

I was given some of the gloss at the same time which is still in the van…i havent had a chance to try it…i am on the look out for a good waterborne gloss, how did you find it?

I wouldn’t use any water based primer for tiles, but would think the longer the paint cured the better it would adhere.

The Eico gloss is a good product. It applies well and dries to a hard finish. Brushmarks don’t flow out completely so the right brish is essential. For interior work I used a Corona Champagne Nylon brush. I did try both XIM and Floetrol in it. It didn’t really like the XIM and I found the product could go a little greasy. Floetrol was better for application but dulled the gloss. I just use water now to thin Eico.

What you do get with Eico acrylic is little to no ‘blocking’ this is when newly applied acrylic wants to stick or grab to itself when doors and windows are closed together. The Eico Satin is better than this than the gloss, but both products are excellent in this regard.