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Interior queries (painting over silk & wallpaper)

Another question is about the bathroom. It has a heavily embossed type wallpaper that is painted in a silk or satin. Do I need to do anything in particular to avoid crazing or other defects?
Also, the walls in this house are papered and I will have to paint them but I wasn’t sure if I needed to seal them first or if I could go straight on with the emulsion. There is a bit of water staining here and there and 3 drops will have to be removed and replaced and then painted. What is the best way to prevent the wallpaper bubbling?!
Thanks again,
The photo is of the bathroom wallpaper.

Look at zinerser wallpaper cover up,a great product and can be bought from BQ,will stop wallpaper buberling blocks water soluble stains.cheers

I’ll have a read up of that now. Cheers.

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question is do the clients really want that surface to be retained? you mentioned removing three drops? best to remove wallpaper from bathrooms , fresh plaster skim then mist plus 2

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Well, the bathroom is in in pretty good nick and she just wants it freshened up. I was just concerned about painting over the silk as I’ve read about crazing being caused by putting emulsion over silk (could I put silk over it without problems?). The lady says it is a ‘bathroom’ paint that is on the walls at the moment.
The 3 drops to be removed are elsewhere in the house - sorry that previous post wasn’t very clear.

Have you thought about using gardz ,then the paint of your choice crown extreme would be my choice.

I have yes. So, stain block, Gardz then paint.:thumbsup: could I use the gardz on the wall where I’m replacing 3 drops of paper? Or is Gardz only for going on top of paper?