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Interior queries (stain blocking)

Hello chaps.
Been to look at a hall, stairs and landing to be decorated after a water leak. Got a couple of things I think you could help me with.
The ceiling and coving has got yellowy water stains here and there and I wondered what would be the best solution. Stain block (spot or full coat?) and then 2 emulsion? Or what about something like Permawhite or sealers that also finish?
Going to post the other queries separately.

polycel stain block in aersol is a great product can be overpainted in around 10 minutes .

Blimey that’s quick!
Thanks Jason.

i find Zinsser the most reliable stain blocking. Whether its BIN or Cover Stain. Perma White is a top coat with anti mould surface, but PW is not a stain block