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Interior Rusted Angle Bead

Hi I have to put a vinyl matt paint on interior reveal where the angle bead is rusted. Are there any options without removing the angle bead.many thanks

Classideur Extreem or Bullseye 123+ before top coating to block the rust. You’re best to use the primer on the while section of wall though rather than spotting just to make sure you get a consistent top coat. That looks like a tatty corner though and likely to get knocked and damaged in future so I might suggest to the HO you fit a piece of corner trim on it to keep it tidy - corner protected and rust stains concealed.

The simplest way to seal a damp stain is to paint the wall with old fashioned alkali resisting primer sealer. If the damp source has been resolved you won’t see a stain. If it is still damp, the sealer won’t work and the stain will come through. This is a good paint property to use to your advantage.

If ARPS fails, you know to wait for the surface to dry out, or you have a clear sign of the need to address an ongoing damp problem. You can bet the house on that product, speaking from experience.

Is the skirting damp too?

Hi thanks for the info the skirtings dry and have been assured that the leak is fixed. Brewers have recommended Rustoleum Combi Primer and then 2 coats of vinyl matt on top.Cheers again

I phoned zinsser Technical advice and they said they had nothing to go on dried rust?