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Interior wall paints

Hi all

Hopefully my health will hold and I’ll finish my other project soon. I will then be onto the hall, landing and stairs. I am looking at Feelings Interior paint as I have read so many good things about it. I also like the fact I can get it tinted to my wife’s exact colour choice!

So guys is it worth the cost or should I consider A N Other? I must add the cost is not a reason for me to not use it, I am happy to buy it if you guys say it is worth it.



We use manor ,very good, feelings interior is a superb paint ,if its a high traffic area, kids up and down stairs a lot with sticky fingers I would go for crown extreme.

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HI guys doses anyone on here use macphersons what’s there oppion on it .

Hi Dave

I can recommend Tikkurila Optiva 5 for hall/stairs/landing walls and Tikkurila Otex Akva primer and Helmi 10 or 30 (depends what sheen level you require) for woodwork.


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I use Tikkurila all the time, goes on really well, second coat a dream.
You won’t regret it.
Also Optiva Colour on ceilings very flat and lovely to apply.

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I have not used the feelings, but do hear good things.

I have just got into using Benjamin Moore Aura, which is the best I have ever used. Blue on yellow covered so well you could almost do one coat! I have seen BM do the same with red on white too!

Its a mould resistant wipeable finish that can even be touched up. Bit expensive, but does go a long way.


Where is the best supplier for Optiva 5? I cannot seem to find it anywhere!



Email - for a price list.


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efficient as always mark.

I have made contact with them and they are delivering a 3 litre tub today.

Since I enjoyed decorating so much I decided to do some work for friends and family. I have been asked to paint a hallway for a lady and previous attempts (not by me) had not offered the cover and finish she desired. I decided Optiva was worth trying so wish me luck!

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Thank you so much for the heads up on this paint, it is superb! I wiped off the wall after sanding some iffy patches then used a 1/4" pile Arroworthy 9" roller to apply the first coat. Went on like a dream.

I will do a little review for fellow decorators

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How is yellow over blue, that is the real acid test of opacity in a paint.

I have been almost exclusively using Benjamin Moore for quite a few months now. It is definitely a high end finish. I can’t think of a specific time when I have had to put yellow on blue yet though.

I may have done, I have used alot of colours. Most cover very well in 2, I have found a couple that didn’t though. They only guarantee 2 coat coverage with the Aura range and I do use others in the range too, which usually cover just as well.

When using the ceiling paint you can easily achieve such a floorless finish that I have been accused of spraying the paint on several occasions!

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Are their whites “British” white white or US “grey-white”? The reason I ask, your findings with the coverage etc sounds very similar to when I have used Mythic, which is also a particularly nice drop of acrylic wall and ceiling paint from across the pond. It is good to have these choices, keeps the UK market on its toes.

They are American whites. They do about 80 whites though. They have a colour called suoer white whcu is a bit more British. I have yet to have anyone complain that either isnt white.

I was less impressed with Mythic, I found because of the lack of antobacterial agents in the paint it goes ‘off’ very rapidly after opening. I left a gallon that had barely been used for a week over Christmas and it was off on my return.

Its also a pain to get hold of and always seems to be out of stock, something I have yet to have an issue with Benjamin Moore paint

That’s useful to know. 80 whites, like ordering a coffee in Manhattan. :thinking:

Your customer support findings sound familiar! Great product that is too hard to specify because you cannot rely on getting it. Shame really.

What did Mythic have to say about your one week pong fest paint? I have never come across that before to be honest. I have opened tins from a couple of years ago that I dip into now and again. I am a paint head though and can’t smell much anyway!

Its because they don’t add anti bacterial stuff to the paint. If there is absolutely anything that gets in the tin it can become infected. So for instabce there could be something on the brush you used to put the paint away.

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I agree Manor Coatings in a very good mid-priced product. I haven’t used the Optiva product but have used the Feelings wall paint. Its good but not very matt.

For me the best wall and ceiling paint currently available in the UK is Benjamin Moore Regal. I use the matte on all my interior domestic jobs now

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What do people think of johnstones cover plus?cheers