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Internal Wall Corners

Does anyone use a corner roller on the walls? I just use a brush and then get as close as possible using a dry’ish roller to minimise texture differences.

Hi John.
I don’t use a corner roller but I have the same problem not only on corners but top and bottom of walls where a brush is needed to cut in and you can’t get a mini roller tight into the skirting/ceiling line to effect the same finish. This is particularly pertinent if you have different colours on adjacent surfaces. I have not answered your question but thought I would add to the issue.

Richard, Thanks for taking the time to reply, Just like waiting for a bus three experts will come along at once!

Hi brush then get roller with tape around frame and cut as close to ceiling as you possibly can?also keep your cuts thin and not to wide.cheers

Thanks Darlic, the spring spruce up of the living and dining room is only a matter of days away (well maybe a week) so I can try that out.

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